Meet Prof. Keith Scott-Mumby

Qualified in medicine MB ChB (same as MD) in Manchester, UK in 1970, Dr. Scott-Mumby almost immediately began research into controversial alternative medicine.

Prof. Scott-Mumby made medico-legal history in 1986, when a UK Crown Court accepted his evidence that food allergy was capable of making a youth murderously violent; by 1990 the press were calling him “Britain’s Number One Allergy Detective”.

Prof. Scott-Mumby has published several books in this field and been interviewed by many TV and radio stations worldwide, as a recognized expert in alternative health paradigms.

Prof. Scott-Mumby now writes and lectures internationally on the themes of he currently has on cutting-edge alternative medicine, energy medicine, cancer research alternatives, and anti-aging science.

He has over 35 years of knowledge and clinical experience which he writes about in his 15 published books.